We offer a curated wine tasting experience in the comfort of your own home or chosen space.
Host an event for friends, celebrate a birthday, or gather a group of people interested in expanding their wine world.
Our wine tasting style is approachable, relaxed, inclusive, informative and not intimidating.
Engage your senses to learn, reflect and savor while taking the mystery out of wine.
Use your new-found knowledge to buy wine varieties you love without hesitation, plan a party, order at a restaurant, or indulge in the local offerings on a trip to notable wine regions of the world.
Have fun with your guests, enjoy good wine and feel comfortable in your own setting.​​​​​​​
What we provide:
- We select the wines based on any preferences or requests. Wine can be paired to compliment any food you may be serving. Please notify us at the time of event confirmation.
- We bring and take away the stemware which means no glassware for you to clean! 
- We set up the event in a professional manner, paying attention to aesthetics and respectfulness to your event space.
- We provide printed wine tasting score cards for notes and ratings, instructions on reading a label, and a list of general terms for future reference. These materials help engage your guests and promote conversation.
We bring the world of wine to you.